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Graduate School of Humanities

The Master's programmes of the faculty are offered by the Graduate School of Humanities (GSH), headed by the Graduate School director. Within the GSH, twelve programme directors are responsible for the quality of the programmes. Together, the Graduate School director and the programme directors form the Council of the GSH in which policy development and quality assurance takes place.

Policy development 

The Graduate School of Humanities formulates strategic policy for the Master’s programmes, especially with an eye towards promoting the overall quality, efficiency and effectiveness. The Graduate School of Humanities also promotes interdisciplinarity and effectiveness by creating education that transcends departmental boundaries. Furthermore, the Graduate School promotes synergy between Master’s programmes by ensuring that the course structure and curriculum of the different programmes are aligned. Another of the Graduate School’s responsibilities is the formulation of policy in the area of study success and academic student counselling.

Quality assurance

The Graduate School is tasked with the planning and implementation of the Teaching and Examinations Regulations (OERs) cycle. The OERs are subsequently presented by the dean to the Faculty’s participation in decision-making bodies. The Graduate School develops the frameworks that contribute to the proper functioning of the Programme Committees and the Examinations Board of the Master’s programmes. It also ensures that the regulations and decisions taken by the Examinations Board are consistent, and contributes (in close consultation with the heads of education) to the efficient and consistent implementation of education policy in the different study programmes. The quality and coherence of the programmes are guarded by the Programme Committees and Examinations Board, thereby assuring that the regulations for exams, tests and admission requirements are consistent and well-aligned with one another. A graduate studies committee safeguards the preconditions as regards the quality and consistency of the programme phase (Research Master’s) of the PhD track, and is comprised of the GSH director, research directors, PhD candidates, and a coordinator of the Research Master’s programme.

Service provision to students

The Graduate Office of the GSH is responsible for the recruitment and selection of Master’s students, as well as the ensuing application process. The Graduate Office also coordinates the provision of information for incoming students, as well as the introductory meetings for each of the programmes. Furthermore, the Graduate School manages the provision of information to Master’s students and is responsible for relaying faculty information to (foreign) students.