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Arbitration Committee for Student Objections FAQs

When should I lodge an objection?

If you have filed a request that is still pending a decision, you must first contact the relevant department. After you have received a formal decision (as directed to you personally) from or on behalf of the Executive Board, you can decide to lodge an objection against it. It is always a good idea to consult the relevant department before initiating an objection procedure. Do take note of the time limit, however, as your objection must be lodged within six weeks of the date on which you were informed of the decision.

What if I don’t agree with the decision taken regarding an objection?

If you do not agree with the decision taken on an objection, you have six weeks in which to lodge an appeal with the Appeals Tribunal for Higher Education.

I can’t collect all the details I need for my objection/appeal within the stated time limit

If you need more time, you can submit what is known as a ‘pro forma’ objection or appeal. This means you provide timely written notification of your opposition to the decision and are granted an additional period of time within which to submit your grounds.

I missed the deadline to submit an objection/appeal. Can I still do so? 

As a rule, if you submit an objection or appeal past the deadline, it will not be considered. However, if your reason for missing the deadline can be attributed to very exceptional personal circumstances beyond your control, the objection/appeal may still be admitted. Note that such circumstances are rarely deemed to exist as there is a built-in provision allowing for the submission of a ‘pro forma’ objection/appeal.