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Central Works Council

Staff participate in decision-making at faculty and central level through works councils.

The Central Works Council (COR) is elected from the faculty works councils for three years in tiered elections. The current COR consists of 16 members and the term runs until 1 September 2024.

The COR discusses matters that concern the university as a whole or a majority with the Executive Board. In addition, the Central Works Council consults with the Central Student Council in the Joint Assembly Asse and twice a year with the Supervisory Board.

Statutory regulations (Works Councils Act) and the Collective Labour Agreement for university personnel (CAO NU) determine the content of consultations between works councils and the executive body.

COR meetings are public. In committees, members in a smaller context thoroughly prepare certain topics.

Minutes, Recommendations and Regulations are available in Dutch:




COR News


For further information and questions, you can contact the secretariat of the COR.