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Application procedure

The following seven steps are important if you want to arrange housing through the UvA housing service. The steps are briefly described, click on the provided links below for more detailed information. Due to the severe housing shortage in Amsterdam the demand exceeds our supply, so unfortunately, not all students who apply for student housing can get a room.

  • Step 1: Check if you are eligible for student housing

    Students need to meet certain requirements, so please check whether you are eligible for student housing.

  • Step 2: Check your email (and spam folder) for the invitation to apply for student housing

    In May, you will receive a message from* with an invitation to apply for student housing. The message contains some application instructions and the link to the housing application system.

    The message from is automatically sent to the email address you used to register on Studielink. If you have not received the email in your personal (spam)inbox, or if you are an exchange student, it may have been sent to your UvA email address.

    We recommend to add to the 'safe senders' list of your email account.

    * is a 'no-reply' email address.

  • Step 3: Fill in the application form

    Clicking on the link in the invitation email will take you to our online application form. In the application form you will be asked to choose a monthly budget category. Base your choice on the information about budget categories and room types. Requesting a specific housing provider, location or building is unfortunately not possible.

    The upcoming application round for fall semester 2022 starts on Wednesday 1 June 2022 8:00 AM CEST and ends on Wednesday 15 June 2022 23.59 PM CEST. This means you will have two weeks to complete the application form and pay the housing fee. After these two weeks, all applicants will be assigned a random place on the waiting list via a lottery.

    After 15 June 2022 it will not be possible to apply for student housing anymore. For this reason, we stress that you do not wait until the last moment to complete your application, as we cannot make exceptions for applicants who miss the deadline.

  • Step 4: Pay the UvA housing fee

    Once you have completed the form, you will automatically be sent to the online payment page. Follow the instructions to pay the UvA Housing fee. You can pay in euros by either a credit card or by PayPal. Other payment methods are unfortunately not possible.

  • Step 5: Check your inbox for a housing offer

    After submitting your housing application and paying the UvA housing fee, you participate in the lottery. After the draw, you will receive a random position on the waiting list.

    Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with your exact position on the waiting list, as there are many variables to take into account, such as budget category, room type, gender, and length of stay. We will, however, inform you about your chances of receiving an offer in the third week of June 2022, so you know what to expect. This email will be sent from

    Once you have been selected for a room, you will receive a message from* that you can expect an offer soon. Your details will be forwarded accordingly to one of our housing providers. The third email you will receive is from either the booking platform or one of our other housing providers, to book your accommodation within a given time frame. Remember to check your spam folder!

    It takes several weeks to match students with accommodation, as this process is quite extensive. Therefore, not all students will receive a room offer on the same day. However, once you have received the offer, it is important to proceed with step 6 as soon as possible.

    If you receive a room offer, please follow the instructions to confirm (unfortunately, you cannot change the room or location offered). You will be given a very short time frame of a few days to book your room. If you fail to respond by the given date, you may lose the room. The UvA housing fee will not be refunded in this case.

    Be aware that many students are booking a room at the same time. The availability can decline rapidly, even in the given booking time frame. You will only get one chance to reserve a room. If you miss this offer, please keep in mind that there will be no second room offer. If you miss your offer, you will have to find accommodation independently.

    * is a 'no-reply' email address.

  • Step 6: Book your room by making your first payment

    After accepting your accommodation offer, your housing provider will inform you either by email or through your housing account about your tenancy agreement and further procedures. Sign and return your tenancy agreement according to the instructions given by the housing provider.

    Your room reservation is confirmed once you make your first payment to the housing provider. Instructions for making this payment will be provided by the housing partner. Be prepared: this initial payment can be a significant amount of money, as it will include administration costs, the first month's rent, and often a deposit.

    Please note that room reservations are final. You cannot change rooms after you have made the reservation. If you cancel a reserved room, we assume you are no longer interested in UvA student housing. You will not be offered another room and the UvA housing fee will unfortunately not be refunded.

  • Step 7: Arriving in Amsterdam

    Check the page about arriving in Amsterdam for more information and the exact dates.