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What you need to know

The University of Amsterdam has reserved a number of rooms with reliable housing providers in the Amsterdam area. Our short-stay programme can accommodate roughly half of the newly incoming international students each year. If we cannot offer you a room, you will have to find accommodation on your own.

Start looking for accommodation months before your arrival

Amsterdam is a very popular place to live. Affordable housing is scarce. The UvA cannot arrange accommodation for every newly arriving international student. Therefore, we strongly recommend to take these two steps at the same time: 
1. Start looking for accommodation independently while you are still in your home country
2. Apply for UvA Student Housing 

To help you with the search for suitable accommodation, please read useful Tips & tricks in Finding accommodation on your own and participate in our upcoming Webinars. You can also watch earlier recorded webinars.  

Why can’t the UvA help every student with accommodation?

The UvA does not own any student accommodation as such, but has made agreements with local housing providers. In this very tight housing market, UvA International Student Housing has a limited number of rooms reserved (approx. 3000 units) for roughly half of the newly incoming international students every semester.

This means that the other half has to find a place on their own, without arrangements by the UvA. This takes time and effort. To help you with the search for suitable accommodation, please read useful Tips & tricks in Finding accommodation on your own and participate in our upcoming Webinars. You can also watch earlier recorded webinars.  

Who is eligible for UvA student housing?

UvA Student Housing is meant as a 'soft landing'  for a maximum of one or two semesters for students who meet the following eligibility criteria.

The requirements for eligibility: 

  • You are going to start your first year at UvA (Bachelor/Master/Exchange)
  • your study programme is taught in English
  • your previous education was outside of the Netherlands
  • you currently don’t live in the Netherlands
  • you are (conditionally*) accepted to your study programme

The processing time of study applications can differ per faculty. Keep in mind that when applying (late) for a study programme, your study application might not receive the status ‘conditionally accepted’ in time for the housing application. The housing department does not prioritize students when their faculty has a long processing time.

When can I apply for student housing?

The upcoming application round for students who are starting their studies in September 2022, will be open from Wednesday 1 June 2022 8:00 AM CEST until Wednesday 15 June 2022 23.59 PM CEST. This means that you will have two weeks* to complete the application form and pay the UvA housing fee. After these two weeks, all applicants will be assigned a random place on the waiting list via lottery.

* We strongly recommend that you complete your application on time. Please do not wait until the last day, as we cannot make exceptions for applicants who miss the deadline.

How can I apply for UvA student housing?

Students starting their studies in September 2022 who are considered eligible for student housing by their faculty will receive an email from* with the link to the housing application form 48 hours before the application starting date (1 June 2022).

The message from is automatically sent to the email address you used to register on Studielink. If you have not received the email in your personal (spam) inbox, or if you are an exchange student, it may have been sent to your UvA email address.

If you still have not received an invitation email 48 hours prior to the start of the application round (1 June 2022), please contact the International Student Housing Office.

* is a 'no-reply' email address.

Housing lottery system

To make the allocation of housing as fair as possible for all students, we work with a lottery system. However, due to the housing shortage we do prioritize some students over others. Within the randomized ranking we will prioritize students with AES, ASTS or AMS scholarships and Non-EU/EEA students if we receive their housing applications before 15 June 2022.

Why do we work with a lottery but still prioritize some students over others?

UvA International Student Housing has reserved approximately 3000 rooms, which is not enough to accommodate everyone. We prioritize applications from the following students within the randomized selection from the lottery due to their circumstances:

  • First year bachelor/master students without a European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) or Swiss nationality who are required to have a Dutch address to maintain their residence permit
  • Recipients of an AMS, AES, or ASTS scholarship who are required to have a Dutch address to maintain their residence permit and/or scholarship in the Netherlands

How long can I stay in housing provided by UvA student housing?

All student housing contracts have a fixed rental period, with a maximum of one year. Students will get a rental period (1 or 2 semesters) as shown below. Renting for the entire fixed period means that you will be required to pay the rent up to and including the last date of your contract.

Type of study programme Maximum duration rental contract Rental period*
Bachelor's 2 semesters 19 August 2022 – 11 August 2023
Master's (1 & 2 years) 2 semesters 19 August 2022 – 11 August 2023
Exchange 1 semester 1 semester 19 August 2022 – 30 January 2023
Exchange 2 semesters 2 semesters 19 August 2022 – 11 August 2023

* Rental contracts of some buildings have different end dates in summer due to renovations and housing of Summer School programmes.

Shortening or extending the UvA student housing contract

It is not possible to shorten or extend your rental contract, or get a rent reduction for late arrival or early departure.

If you want to stay in Amsterdam after your housing contract provided by UvA housing ends, you will need to search for housing independently. The room you stayed in is needed again for a newly arriving international student. Please be aware that finding accommodation in Amsterdam after this period can still be very complicated. For more information, check out the webpage on how to find a room independently.

Cancellation policy

It is not possible to cancel your housing contract, unless you terminate your enrolment or in case of significant personal circumstances.

Read more about our cancellation policy on the webpage Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I use UvA Housing if I have a disability?

Yes, students with a disability can contact the International Student Housing Office to discuss their housing options.

Make sure that you have a medical statement from your doctor with information as to why you have specific needs for your housing. UvA Housing requires that you upload the statement in your application.

If you do not contact UvA Housing well in advance or apply for housing late, it will be difficult, or even impossible to meet your housing needs.

Terms and conditions

If you would like to use the UvA student housing service, please be aware of our terms and conditions. In short, they state:

  • Accommodation is not guaranteed
  • Your housing contract is for a fixed period
  • It is not possible to extend/shorten your contract
  • You will only receive one housing offer
  • The UvA housing fee is non-refundable
  • You agree with all additional costs associated with renting a room
  • You agree that we store and use your personal data for a maximum of 3 years
  • You agree that we share your personal data with a housing provider
  • It is not possible to request a specific location or building

In addition, please make sure you have read the full terms and conditions before finalising your online housing application form: