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Education Day

Thursday 6 October 2022

The UvA Education Day is an event to share, discuss and anticipate inspiring ideas, projects and practical examples from education, and look ahead to the (near) future of education. The annual Education Day is for organised for everyone within the UvA who is involved in education, such as teachers, other education professionals and students.


Education Day 2022: Learning as a community

Co-creating our didactic values, methods and tools

The Education Day offers lecturers, educational experts and students interdisciplinairy encounters and knowledge sharing in light of the theme 'Learning as a Community'. The day is hosted by multiple groups within the broader UvA community.

Starting with walk-in lunch, you meet colleagues and educational experts. After lunch, an interactive keynote (to be announced) speaks about 'Learning as a Community'. The program offers you dialogue via multiple Community Cafés and a range of workshops given by colleagues from several faculties (see full programme below). The day concludes with a borrel after the UvA Lecturer of the Year 2022 is announced by the Central Student Council and ASVA Student Union.

The Education Day will take place on Thursday 6 October 2022 at 11.30-17.30h. The day starts at the Singelkerk, followed by Community Cafés and workshops at the University Library.

Community Cafés

A Community Café focuses on interaction and dialogue among participants. At a community café, you join participants in a conversation about a topic. The conversation is guided by a moderator.

  • What are topics of the Community Cafés?

     The topics include:

    • Impact Learning
      Why and what way do you incorporate impact learning into the curriculum? Moderation by SIG Impact Learning
    • Sustainability
      Encouraging sustainability in educational practice. Moderation by SIG Sustainability
    • Fair, Resilient and Inclusive Societies (FRIS)
      Moderation by Dr Mieke Lopes Cardozo
    • Transdisciplinary Education
      Moderation by Dr. Eelke Heemskerk, who is the program director of the new bachelor's degree in Computational Social Science. In this transdisciplinary program, project-based teaching is done with real-world topics. Heemskerk would like to talk to you about this new and innovative learning community at the UvA.
    • Learning as a Community
      This includes a in-depth discussion following the given keynote.


Learn from collleagues by attending one of the workshops. The workshops are conducted by UvA colleagues from different faculties.

  • Workshop | In-classroom teacher guided peer review

    Peer review is often used as a method to have students give each other feedback and gain new insights into their own writing process. However, students often feel insecure to give feedback, or may not trust feedback received by peers. Therefore, lecturers at the BSc Biomedical Sciences developed easy to implement, in-classroom active methods for (teacher) guided peer-review. During this workshop, we demonstrate a pass-through method. Using this method, we observed that students take their peer review tasks very seriously, give valuable and well-argued feedback, and trust the feedback they receive. Moreover, they reflect on the peer-review process as being insightful, useful, and even fun. 

    During the workshop, the pass-through peer-review methods are briefly explained, after which you will actively take part in peer review activities as students would during class.

  • Workshop | Incorporating active learning strategies into the classroom

    Active learning is an instructional method that engages students in the learning process and requires students to do meaningful learning activities. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when implementing this framework into your classroom and enabling pervasive active learning to improve the student experience on campus.

    In this interactive session, we will explore how you can embed active learning into your teaching practices to enhance student learning. Some examples of how this might be done, both as short activities within a lecture, and as longer activities taking up one or more teaching sessions will be outlined.

  • Workshop | What do we learn about online education and students' motivation and self-regulation?

    The COVID-19 pandemic has unprecedented consequences for education, creating both opportunities and challenges. While online education during the pandemic gave students more flexibility, recent meta-analyses found that the pandemic has also negatively affected students’ wellbeing (Deng et al., 2021; Ma et al., 2021), by increasing depressive symptoms, anxiety, and loneliness, among other problems. Moreover, students experienced difficulties to stay motivated to online learning and to successfully self-regulate their behavior, which could impact their academic achievements and wellbeing. At the same time, teachers applied various online tool and strategies to support students’ motivation and self-regulation. Recently, the NeurolabNL team, has systematically reviewed articles published on this topic since the onset of the pandemic.

    During this workshop, you learn about the key insights from this systematic literature review on the effects of education online during the COVID-19 pandemic on students' motivation and self-regulation. Review’s key findings are discussed in the context of students' academic achievements and well-being. You share your experiences on how you motivate your students and get inspired by other teachers’ strategies supporting students' motivation and self-regulation. Together, we draw recommendations of such strategies which may be successful in both online and offline educational settings.

  • Workshop | Science, society, and sustainability: Meet Sustaina Student Lab

    The Sustaina Student Lab (SSL, part of the foundation Amsterdam Green Campus) is an interdisciplinary Lab where science (researchers, lecturers, and students) and society (companies, and public institutions) meet and work together on overarching societal sustainability themes. Businesses and public organizations can share their societal sustainability issues, which we then transform to research questions for students.

    In this workshop, we share our challenges and lessons learned. Furthermore, we discuss three questions:

    1. Should Community Service Learning (CSL) focus on integration between UvA and MBO and HBO students? Currently our foundation is promoting students with different levels to work together. How can cooperation between these levels improve, and should we even continue doing this?    
    2. What is a good form for CSL in the future? Should foundations like Sustaina Student Lab be institutionalized within the UvA or remain independent?
    3. Are CSL projects better suited for module/course level or at internship/thesis level?                

    After discussing the three questions, we discuss innovative solutions and incentives for the future of SSL, define more general applicable take aways and discuss how the participants of the roundtable might engage in the same direction.

  • Workshop | Communal reading: powerful pedagogical tool for connection

    Critical appraisal of sources, extracting key arguments, summarizing, and paraphrasing from academic texts are rigorously practiced at the university level. However, the need to cover large volumes of texts pushes students to prioritize speed over depth, reducing one of the most potent mediums for learning into information seeking, skimming, and extraction skills. How can we recover reading in a way that will serve the purpose of meaning-making, community building, and learning as a community? One way to nurture relational qualities among students and cultivate a sense of community is to reintroduce communal reading as a learning activity into university classrooms.

    In this workshop, you will learn about contemplative reading, how to apply it in university eduaction and, most importantly, experience its power first-hand. The method is applicable for disciplinary as well as interdisciplinary classes.

  • Workshop | Incorporating Green Thinking

    Sustainability, energy consumption in software

    ‘Green Thinking’ has become an integral part of the Project Software Engineering course in the computer science bachelors. In this workshop, you will discuss how to integrate green thinking into other courses. First you will learn how the ‘Green Thinking’ concept was integrated in an existing course. Then you will form small groups and look at the rubrics in your courses, where you discuss how to implement ‘Green Thinking’. You will conclude the workshop by discussing your proposals for these implementations with your colleagues.

  • Workshop | Improving together: Selfregulated learning in the workplace

    A new Master of Medicine at the UvA, named Epicurus, started in September 2021. With the Epicurus master's degree, self-regulated learning has been given a solid place in the curriculum. This is expressed in the programmatic testing, in the mentorship, during the teaching moments and in the feedback cycle that is used in the workplace. In this workshop you take the position of learner, because in your role as a teacher, trainer or mentor you are also engaged in self-directed learning. The concepts of self-regulated learning and the feedback cycle become concrete by involving them in your own learning process.

    Because how do you receive feedback? And what do you need to learn from feedback? In short: an opportunity to experience what the students you supervise experience!

Your host of the day is Dr Maryn Wilkinson. Wilkinson is Assistant Professor in Film Studies for the Department of Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam. Her research focuses on politics and aesthetics, popular culture, and feminist theory. She has recently joined the Teaching and Learning Centre as an educational expert for the Faculty of Humanities. 

Dr. M.C. (Maryn) Wilkinson

Host UvA Education Day 2022


When you register, you can indicate your preference for Community Café and workshop you want to join.

This event is organized by UvA's network of Teaching & Learning Centres (TLC).
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